The Bauchi state government has allocated N43.544bn to the Ministry of Works and Transport in the 2022 budget year.

PUNCH Earlier, Bauuu State Governor Bala Mohammed on Thursday submitted a budget proposal of N195.355bn for the 2022 budget year for discussion and approval.

The budget proposal includes recurring expenditures of N84.735bn 43% and the capital expenditure is N110.620bn or 57% of the total budget proposal.

In a press statement, Budget and Economic Planning Commissioner Aminu Hamayo said the Ministry of Labor accounts for 22.3 percent of the budget.

He said: “There is now an allocation of N43.544bn for the Ministry of Labor, which includes the Government Development Board, which has the largest share.

This represents 22.3 percent of the total budget. This is understandable because of the uninterrupted but ongoing construction.

“The second is the N29.931bn, which represents 15.3 per cent of the Ministry of Education.

“We have an allocation of N20.525bn for the Ministry of Health. In terms of total budget, it represents 10.5 percent.

But when it comes to budgeting for health care, it also includes your allocation for water and sanitation. You have a wide range of health care delivery options.

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