Sept. Energy PLC announced on Wednesday that it has decided to resign from its chairmanship and board of directors.

Oriyako informed the board of the decision on Wednesday, the company said in a statement.

To facilitate a smooth transition, he said he would remain chairman until the next general assembly in May 2022.

The resignation comes as Oriyako joins Shebah Expansion and Production Limited and eight other companies at Zenit Bank Plc.

Sept. Energy Back

Zenit Bank and Oriyako jointly owe $ 78,426,578.64 and have taken steps to sell their assets.

Commenting on his departure from Seplat, Oriyako said, “The last 12 years of Seplat energy have been amazing for me. As Chairman, Seplat Energy Board, Management and General Staff, I am proud to have achieved many enviable accomplishments and accomplishments, most notably the acquisition of eight oil and gas assets, the expansion of Oben and the development and development of ANOH gas plants. Double list on both Nigerian and London stock exchanges, the first by a Nigerian company.

“During our trials along the way, we have won these by the grace of God, the excellent performance and professionalism of each board member and leadership, and the hard work of our staff.

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