The National Executive Council of the Nigeria Teachers Union (NUTU) has instructed its members in Kaduna State not to take part in the state government’s competency test.

The union’s vice-president, Mr Kelvin Nwanko, gave the instructions at a meeting with teachers in Kaduna on Wednesday.

The Nwanko Union issued the directive in line with the Kaduna State Government’s plan to conduct a nationwide primary school teachers’ qualification test in December.

The Kaduna State Board of Basic Education announced in July that it plans to conduct a quality test for primary school teachers to ensure quality education.

Dr. Christie Aladmarin, Permanent Member, Human Resource Management, Kadu and SUBEB said the proficiency test is to ensure that the state has the “best of the best”.

“We only take the proficiency test to eliminate the ineligible or to maintain the standard regardless of the result,” she said.

Responding to the development, the union’s government wing said in a statement on August 18 that none of the members of the government primary school will sit for the exam.

“The NEC is behind the decision of the Kaduna State Wing,” he said.

He said the qualifications of the teachers have been certified by various accredited universities and colleges and have been tested before they were hired.

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According to him, NUT enforces and relies on the provisions of Part 1 (d) of the Nigerian Teachers Registration Council (TRCN) Act, CAP.T3 LFN 2004, which provides for the regulation and supervision of the teaching profession.

“As members of a professional body, as a registered, licensed and licensed educator, we subject ourselves to any professional opinion of our governing body, but no one else.

“The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NBE) has clearly stated that no teacher should be tested on any type of cover and color, but urged the state government and teachers at all levels to work hard on quality issues,” he said. He said.

He recommended that state governments introduce compulsory training programs based on practices in all fields, such as nursing, medicine, and law.

He added that the teachers are ready and willing to participate in refresher courses, workshops, seminars or trainings to fill the knowledge gaps in various specialization areas.

“But we oppose any policy of dismissing teachers on the grounds that teachers have failed exams,” he said.

The regional chairman, Ibrahim Dalhatu, also said that only the TRCN is legally authorized to conduct any kind of test for teachers.

NAN recalls that in January 2018, the state government failed 21,780 primary school teachers in the 2017 qualification test and hired 25,000 qualified.



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