The Nigeria Football Federation It plans to spend a total of N15.6m on sanitation and chimney by 2022. PUNCH Reports.

This is part of the 2022 budget presented by President Major General Muhammadu Buhari (Red) to the National Assembly on October 7.

PUNCH A total of N1,256,758,296 has been allocated to the NFF in the 2022 budget.

Out of the total NFF budget, it plans to pay N109,409,206 for salaries and allowances, N905,695,006 to surplus and N225,242,703 for capital projects.

According to our correspondent, the budget document shows that the refinery, which will cost less than N15,600,000 by 2022, is expected to cover 15,600,000 by 2022.

Other items in the main expenditure section are security charges: N14.8m; Financial Advisor N32m; Legal fees N10m. Another N3m will be spent on drinks and food and N35m will go to welfare facilities.

Other projects that NFF plans to undertake in 2022 include the purchase of N65m pickup vans for off-site projects. Purchase buses for national team training in camp (N40m); Pavilion and spectators will be seated at Package B, National Stadium, Abuja (N65m) on the NFF / FIFA Goal Project and purchase medical equipment for the national teams in matches (N10m).

Construction / supply of other office buildings (N20m); Construction / supply of sports facilities (N65m).

In addition to funding from the FGF, the NFF is expected to receive funding from FIFA, CAF and its partners.

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