The members of the Lagos State Judiciary Team (SAN) have warned members of a panel of rehabilitation victims of SARS-related abuse and other issues that panel members of some state government are being unfairly persecuted. According to the report, on October 20, 2020, protesters were killed at Leki’s checkpoint.

“Members of the EndSARS panel are migrating in an unfair manner,” Adigboru said in a statement on Thursday.

PUNCH Earlier, the panel, led by Justice Doris Okuobi, reported to the Lagos State government that on October 20, 2020, troops had killed at least nine people at the Leki Pay Plaza to disperse EndSARS protesters.

The 309-page report states: “The tragedy of the unarmed, the weak and the disgruntled as they sit on the ground waving the Nigerian flag and singing the national anthem can be likened to a massacre in context.”

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, who received the report on Monday, set up a committee to bring a white paper to the Lagos State Executive Council for the next two weeks.

Many Nigerians are outraged by a panel report that contradicts the government’s consistent claim that no “mass” executions took place at the gates of payment. The missing Nigerian Police Force Special Anti-Robbery Team.

However, he praised the panel members for standing up for truth and justice when threatened.

“Since the report of the EndSARS panel was presented to the Governor of Lagos State on November 15, 2021, panel members have been severely harassed by people suspected of being agents of the government,” Adegboru said in a statement.

“All sorts of accusations have been leveled at panel members, some of whom have been named.

“I confirm that no panel member is willing to be appointed to the panel. In fact, in my case, the Governor of Lagos State asked me to accept what I saw as a national service call. The main reason given by the governor then was that he wanted men, women, and children to be on the panel.

“My focus is today on an interview with a senior adviser to the Lagos State government on the alleged bribery of panel members.

“The Lagos State government has been asking for two weeks for the release of a white paper on the panel’s report.

“I have a copy of all the proceedings under my control and all the exhibits presented before the panel regarding the inspection of the Leki Tol Door inspection.

“It is not fair to try to discredit people simply because they accept the government’s offer of unselfish service. Nothing can stop us from maintaining our integrity if the government and its agents do not stop attacking others.

“I do not have to be a victim of unwarranted attacks because I have accepted to serve the government and the results of this category have not shown me what the government expects of me. Suffice it to say that I have worked with men and women of integrity and I am proud to meet everyone.

“Therefore, I urge the Governor of Lagos State to call on all government officials and release us in two weeks’ time and fulfill our promise to send an uncorrected panel report. National Economic Council.”

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