Former Nigerian villa priest Yusuf Obasanjo said on Thursday that “the transformation of Nigeria into a better country must begin with the adoption of a national ideology.”

According to him, Nigerians should oppose the tendency to blame the President, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (Red) alone, for worsening the situation in Nigeria.

Obama made the remarks during a speech at the Network for African Congregational Theology Conference and a book entitled ‘African Public Theology’ at Bingham University Hall, Karu, Abuja.

“Let me emphasize that what we are experiencing in the country is not the result of the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari,” he said. We have all contributed to this turmoil.

“I do not think we have shared the Nigeria we want because as far as I know we do not have any nationalist ideology. This country has no ideological basis. I have cried for it. I have spoken and I have written about it.

“In fact, I presented up to 68 pages in the final confab that we need to have a national dream that defines what we want to be. Unfortunately, I was told the paper was for the future. But I published it entitled ‘The Nigerian Equality Category Critical for National Ideology’.

“Just as no human being can think or act in any way, no nation can function without ideology because it is their dreams and ideas that motivate, drive, force and motivate. Citizens. It gives them the long-awaited goal. It is. ”

But a former State House cleric under President Olusegun Obasanjo has reaffirmed God’s plan for Nigerians to return to peace and prosperity.

He recalled that when the current democratic system was built in 1999, the people were happy with the transition from military rule to civilian rule, and there was little attention paid to the person they chose to lead the country.

Thus, Obama’s challenges and tribulations in the land today have caused God’s people to wake up and wake up.

“I pray that one day we will wake up and not only do what we have done individually or collectively, but also wake up from our dogmatic sleep and be willing to build our country. Common dreams. Yes, we can.

“I have seen the reborn Nigeria in the hands of Almighty God. Therefore, there is no need to give up. We must not. God is going to do it. We are awakened by the fact that some of the tools used by unprecedented poverty and hunger are to awaken citizens.

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