Katsina State Secretary of State, Alhaji Inuwa Mohammed, has said that bandits operating in Katsina State use wiki tokens to communicate with each other.

He said the bandits killed 213 victims in 153 operations in the region from July to October 2021.

Mohammed made the remarks in a statement issued on Thursday following a security order issued by Governor Aminu Masari to address security concerns in the state.

Inuwa said that although the order was effective, bandits and other criminals were developing new methods to thwart the order.

“Bandits are now attacking drivers and motorcycles to steal petrol from their tanks. The villagers forced them to buy fuel. Informants are not understanding the issue either.

SSG says security forces are working to crack down on criminals.

He added: “The latest and most serious action taken by the criminals is the use of radio frequency wiki-tokki transistors. However, security forces are working to curb the practice.

“There were 153 robberies in the region from July to October 2021, killing 213 people and injuring 115,” he said.

“At the same time, 676 victims were abducted and about 234 were abducted.

“2,023 cows, 452 sheep, 279 goats and 13 donkeys were looted by criminals.

From March to September 2021, at least 724 suspects were arrested. Of these, 75 were under investigation and 296 were charged.

According to Inuwa, the ongoing monitoring of piracy-related activities in the region in September and October 2021 compared to July and August 2021, with piracy activity declining.

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