Residents of a one-story building on Florence Mills Estate, Magabon, Badagri, Lagos State, were arrested on Wednesday.

Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service Director Margaret Adceye said in a statement on her Facebook page.

The statement read: “A high-rise building was reported in Sunny Filled, Flour Mills, Estate, Magbon, Badagry, Legos.

“The Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service Badgiri Station rescued five victims from a building under construction and a concerted effort is underway to rescue the remaining victims.

“The victims, who were mainly engaged in construction, were injured at various levels but are in stable condition and have been taken to nearby hospitals.”

But as long as the Nigerian police, the Morogbo faction and the community are praising the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service, four adults have returned (unbeknownst to them).

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