Southeastern residents paid the highest price for a premium diesel engine in October, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.

NBS said in a statement on Tuesday in Abuja on its “Premium Motor Spirit Price for October 2021”.

Accordingly, the highest average price was recorded at N167.32 in the South-East Zone and N164.46 at the Northeast Zone during the month of review.

“Consumer prices for fuel increased by 2.75 per cent year-on-year to N165.60 compared to October 2020 (N161.17).

“The price rose to N165.60 per month from N164.85 in October, an increase of 0.46 per cent compared to the September record.

The states with the highest average petrol prices are Plateau (N172.43), Nassara (N170.45) and Abia (N170.25), while the lowest average petrol states are Yobe (N159.86), Quara (N160) and Lagos (N162.67).

Meanwhile, the average price paid for automotive gas by consumers fell from N254.64 per month in September to -25.0% to N254.07 in October.

Compared to the N219.80 price recorded in October 2020, the bureau increased by 15.59 percent in October 2021 to N254.07.

N280, Borno N278.50 and Ogun recorded the highest diesel prices at N275.36, KB at N214.17, Zamfara N223.33 and Yobe at N227.

“Similarly, the highest average was recorded in the South West Zone (N265.64) and the North West had the lowest average price (N237.49) in October 2021,” he added.



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