Retired primary school teachers and close relatives have blocked IBB Way, Uyo, in protest of pension arrears and non-payment of more than N28.8bn.

They complained that 7.5 percent of their wages during the service had not been returned.

The group displayed cards with various slogans such as “Accountant General Pension Payment”, “Emmanuel Save Our Lives” and so on.

In a statement issued by Retired Primary School teachers and a close relative, Rev. Felix Cookie, Mr. Benjamin Benson, Chairman and Secretary, lamented that the team had spent only m 600m after the verification exercise. Released to pay N28.8bn grant.

Speaking of unpaid pensions, the chairman said it would be unthinkable to deny the governor a sole source of livelihood since 2015.

“Earlier this year, the government conducted a verification exercise to verify the number of surviving and late retirees.

“A total of 3,503 teachers alive during the vetting process have been properly verified and 1,479 have been arrested late, bringing the total to 4,982.

“Of this number, only 118 live teachers and 163 late defendants were paid 1,2,3 Bach 1,2,3 and the amount used was about N600m.

“This amount is very insufficient and will keep pace, so the regime will not end the 2011 life and the late 2014 issues,” he said.

He added: “It is unthinkable that the government will deprive these groups of people who have been crying day and night since October 2015 to stop their livelihood. 2015 Retired teachers owe ten months’ debt from July 2015 to April 2016. The document was submitted before June 2015 upon completion.

“We are human beings, pensions are our right,” he said.

Our efforts to speak with the State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr. Eni Imamobong, were interrupted by the closure of their lines at the time of writing.

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