House of Representatives passes second reading

The law, sponsored by Belo Kaoje, is entitled ‘Draft Law to Free Healthcare for All Children in Nigeria’. And related issues’

Kaoje, who led the debate on Wednesday’s plenary session, said the health needs of children are very different from those of adults. “Naturally, children grow and develop rapidly, putting them at particular risk of illness and disability,” he said.

“If left untreated, it can affect a child’s mental, physical, behavioral, and emotional well-being,” the lawyer added. It is very important to provide free medical care to children in Nigeria.

Kaoje ensures that all health care services for children are provided free of charge when it comes to legislation for the provision of free health care services to children in Nigeria.

He added: “Provides the following special and immediate benefits: Health-care services include diagnosis, treatment, prevention and other physical and mental health problems for children in Nigeria. The services must be provided by government hospitals in Nigeria. The services cover referrals from other states, local government hospitals or other private hospitals in Nigeria.

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