Denton police station arrests Ibute Meta, Lagos State

Prior to his arrest on Wednesday, a disturbed market leader called our reporter and asked why the police wanted to inspect the rice shop, not the Nigeria Customs or Nigeria Standard.

It is also known that when the police arrived in the market, a growing number of traders opposed the police action.

According to our correspondent, Omoba Ade, a divisional police officer in Denton, ordered the arrest of the market leaders and the trader following a customer complaint.

According to market watchdog Agbodem Ishola, the crisis occurred after Adama seller told police that he was dissatisfied with the sale of 100 bags of local rice to a customer.

Agodemu said: “100 bags of Toy sold 19,500 pieces of local rice for N19,500 each, and the customer returned a week later after transporting the goods to Akure Ondo State. There was a stone in the rice. The customer said she wanted the item back and the seller agreed but told her it would be paid after the item was sold again.

“The client was upset and went to report the arrest to the DPO. The DPO invited the seller and left. Upon her arrival, the DPO insisted that she return the money (N1,950,000) and 100,000 shillings used to transport the goods. The seller disagreed and complained that she had only received N35,000 from the transaction.

“Trade union leaders intervened and agreed to pay 50 percent of the cost of transport to avoid the problem.

At the time of writing, the trader and union leaders are in custody, according to our correspondent.

When asked why Denton DPO leaders were arrested, our reporter hung up the phone.

Attempts to contact Lagos Police Public Relations Officer Adekunle Ajisebutu were frustrated by the refusal to accept the call or the response to a text message.

A woman named Jennifer Maduke was arrested by the Lagos State Police for possession of a firearm.

Jennifer Maduke, a former Denton Division Police officer CSP Adgoke Ainkland, has been charged with felony criminal mischief for possessing a firearm.

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