The Compulsory Criminal Investigation Unit, Alagbon Annex, Lagos, One Prince and two others (name withheld) are investigating $ 38,200 (approximately N22.5 million) fraud.

“The suspect was arrested because he presented the real suspect abroad.

“The suspect has been released,” Oluni Ogundi, a spokesman for the department in Lagos, said on Tuesday.

Who owns the money?

He wants to change the sum to Niara’s equivalent.

The conversion of the money to Niara was discussed at the Lagos State House of Culture.

A New York resident met the royal father a few years ago and regularly visited the palace during his stay in the country.

It was during the visit that $ 38,200 was transferred to Niara and he said he was in the process of signing such an agreement, the source said.

A New York resident sent a $ 38,200 draft to his bank account and confirmed receipt.

A currency buyer in Abuja has confirmed that he needs the dollar to buy a car.

However, after two weeks of uncertainty, the transaction took a turn for the worse.

He said he had met a New York resident and admitted to receiving the money, but said he was using the money a little.

How the arrest happened

The royal father was angry because the entrance was made and the agreement was sealed at the palace.

He then lodged a complaint with the police.

A New York resident later spoke to the royal father and paid N4.9 million for the suspect, a source said.

“The arrest and detention of the prince and his friend was followed by a strong complaint to the Assistant Inspector General of Police (AID) FCID Annex, Alagon, Ekoi, Lagos.

“The letter was signed jointly by the royal father and the chief executive of the real estate company Aljaja, and the prince conspired with a New York suspect to seduce a Tony who knew the suspect in the palace.”



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