Music producer Abdurashed Belo, the famous JCS Scholes, celebrated his son Josiah’s graduation from the University of Glouceshire on Wednesday.

The proud father shared pictures of the event, saying he was happy that his son had graduated from the class.

He wrote, “@sunnyboyfitz Graduation Day. Class high. I’m so proud now ”(Sik)

Josiah also won the school’s annual Media Innovation Award at the graduation ceremony of Varsity Deputy Chancellor Stephen Marson.

Sharing the award presentation video, JJS Skills writes, “As you study your feelings. @sunnyboyfitz I’m so proud. Let your interests be your profession. Pray for her to grow from strength to strength. I love you

Participants shared pictures and videos during the ceremony. Instagram With the title “Prize Winner”

Joining the event, JCS Skills actress Funeke Akindle-Belo shared photos of the event. Instagram “Congratulations, my dear Josiah! We are very proud.
@jjcskillz Proud father! Congratulations my dear. Let our children still be proud of us. @tamirabello I see you.

“PS: @sunnyboyfitz is the director of Dope Cinematographer. Please contact him!” (CC)

Watch the award presentation video below:

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