The leadership of the West Zone Ijao Youth Council announced on Tuesday that it will begin screening oil companies operating in the zone for their organizational social responsibilities and other activities.

According to newly elected Western Zone Secretary General Agamemnon Olo-Derimon, who covers the Edo, Delta and Ondo states, oil companies such as CSR are not seen in oil-producing communities.

He was also upset that the Niger Delta Intervention Agency continued to interim agencies.

“Part of our mission is to examine the corporate social responsibility of the oil companies and their impact on their communities.

“We will evaluate their performance and work as a pressure group to promote the interests of the Ijau people.

“It would be good if the oil companies got this information when we asked them and it would not be strange for them because they often come to the media and say to the public that we have done this and that, but it is different from what is on the ground.”

He said it was too late for the Niger Delta Development Commission to appoint a new board of trustees.

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