The federal government is aware that measures taken to investigate corruption and control stolen property have led to the repatriation of some of the stolen funds overseas.

These include $ 322.52 million from Switzerland, $ 311.7 million from the United States, € 5.4m from the North Island, € 4,214,017.66 and $ 200 million from the United Kingdom.

The federation’s attorney general and justice minister, Abubakar Malami, said in a statement on Tuesday that his special assistant (Media and Public Relations), Dr. Omar Gwandu, had given a speech at the 2021 Media Center. And Peace Initiative, New York, United States, Monday.

According to him, by becoming the African Union’s champion in the fight against corruption, President General Muhammadu Buhari (Red) has sought to fight corruption through the illegal framework.

He said the government’s remarkable achievements in global resource recovery could set an example for other African countries in the fight against piracy.

“Various steps have been taken in the framework of the legislature, institutions and policy measures to prevent corruption, fight the regional corporation and ensure good governance for the benefit of the people,” he said.

“In 2017, the signing of a tripartite agreement with Switzerland and the World Bank resulted in a return of $ 322.515m.

“A total of $ 311.7 million will be returned to Nigeria in 2020 after the signing of another tripartite agreement with the USA and Jersey Balwik.

In March, 4 5.4 million was obtained from a deal signed with North Island in March.

“The federal government has recovered, 4,214,017.66 from the UK for the family of James Ibori.

The Ministry of Justice is expected to raise an additional $ 200 million to settle the ongoing trial.

Malami said the current government has achieved success with political will, money, law, institutional support and Buhari’s executive orders.

“Buhari’s approach to fighting corruption is one of the three main pillars of our campaign. The others are economic and security development, he said.

He emphasized Nigeria’s commitment to fight corruption, cybercrime, oil smuggling and counterfeiting, among others.

He said the federal government has five pillars of anti-corruption, public participation, moral rehabilitation, enforcement and suspension, rehabilitation and governance. Criminal income.

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