A.D. About 14 years and six months after being elected in 2019, 14 members of the Edo State Council stormed the Abuja office of ethics on Wednesday, demanding the resignation of the party’s secretary general, Odu Yahya Omogay.

Asked to return to the legislature because their constituencies are suffering, he said there was a great deal of injustice.

He called on the CCB to intervene and save democracy, but warned that “Edo will be a point of reference in the coming years.”

The lawmakers, led by CCB chairman Prof. Mohamed Isah, were led by former Edo State House Speaker Victor Edohor and Education Commissioner Washington Osifo.

Edohor said, “Your name gave birth to your involvement in the CCB. We did not join the council for two years and six months. Therefore, we feel that this is the right place to be. ”

According to Osifo, the injustices being perpetrated against them must be stopped so that they do not leave a legacy of history.

“We are here in the spirit of ensuring that the rights of the people are not violated,” he said.

Osifo Explains how 24 councilors were elected by winning the March 17, 2019 election.

A.D. Ten days after the end of the June 17, 2019 General Assembly, Governor Godwin Obaseki could not be inaugurated by proclamation.

Edo State Council on August 16, 2021, filed by angry lawmakers over alleged abuse of power and heavy rain in the Edo State Council.

The document was signed by Victor Sabor Edor, Isan Central; Crossby Eribo, Igor; Washington Osa Osifo, Uhunwode;
Christopher Eure Okaben, Oredo West; Seid Oshiomhole, Etsako West 1; Michael Ohio Izomo, Owan West and Sunday Agedo, Ovia Southwest.

Other signatories are Abdul Ganiyu Context, Etsako West; Dumez Ugiagbe, Ovia North East 1; Ahmed Oshomah, Etsako Central; Eric Okaka, East Owen; Vincent Uwadiya, Ovia Northeast 2; Kingsley Ugabi, Etsako East and Uyossere Ekhosuhei, Oredo East.

The complaint alleges that, despite the fact that the Edo State Council was “inaugurated” on June 17, 2019, we were excluded from the “blessing” that was erroneously and unconstitutionally mentioned by the secretary of the council, Haji Odu Yahya Omogay. Controversy over the country’s constitutional crisis The EDA is currently composed of a few, in contrast to the clear and unambiguous provisions of Article 91 (as amended) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 10 members excluding the 14 members who hold the majority.

“My lord, our main complaint is that the current instability in the EDA is deliberately and maliciously committed by the current secretary of the council, Alhaji Oduya Yahya Omogay. This is because it violates the provisions of Articles 1 and 9 of the Code of Conduct for Government Officials, as set out in Article 5 of the Constitution.

“In particular, Alhaji Awdu Yahya Omogay, the secretary of the EPRDF, deliberately and mistakenly concealed information about the date, place and time of the 7th EPRDF Congress. Most of the 15 members of the House of Representatives, who passed on important information to the EPRDF, were found to be loyal to the then head of state.

“This atrocity by Alhaji Audu Yahaya Omogbai led to a secret and open” inauguration “of the EDA on June 17, 2019 at 9:30 a.m., with only seven of the 24 elected members of the council.

Alhaji Awdu Yahya Omogay was to “lead” the election of the EDA Speaker and Deputy Speaker on issues that appeared to be in violation of his authority and his personal interests in conflict with the government and the national interest. Between members and at his command. He did not end up in Shenanigana, electing the EPRDF “speaker” and helping him “graduate” three other members of the EPRDF, who “verbally” accepted his actions and became “loyal” to the prime minister. Condition.

“Lord, we must not remind you of the provisions of Sections 1 and 9 of the Code of Conduct as described above. Member: Preferred, as a member of the EPRDF, in preparation for our graduation. This is to show his loyalty to the repetitive narrative between him and his paymasters, the reason why we (the 14 elected members) have been excluded from the council graduation by filling out our declaration forms so far. . When this is a humble white lie.

The elected members demanded that “the EPRDF secretary be investigated by your office as he has been appointed as the secretary of the EPRDF due to the seriousness of the abuse of power and the conflict of interests.”

The interrogators said, “We believe that his negligent and charitable actions and actions as described above are the immediate cause of the current crisis in the EPRDF. A.D. We believe that in 1999 the Nigerian Federal Constitution (as amended) was to be complied with (as amended) by a government official in EDHA who should refrain from engaging in ambiguous politics orchestrated by the Edo State Governor. .

He did not do the unfortunate thing in the formation of the EPRDF in 2019 and in fulfilling his sacred responsibility to be honest, impartial and fair to all the elected members of his youth. We believe this should be investigated by your Holy Institution.

In response, the CCB chairman promised that the agency would investigate the allegations and present its findings to the public.

He said: “CCB is an impartial judge. I assure you that we will take a closer look at your complaint and take all necessary steps. Even if you come with a press, investigations are to be kept confidential.

I want to assure you that there is no stone unturned to ensure that we have all the parties. We let all parties hear and we reach out to all stakeholders.

“We will put our reports together and do what is necessary. We will not get involved in politics but anyone who needs to be treated will take appropriate action.”

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