Contrary to the rumors that the famous Instagram comedian and members of the Nigerian Navy, Abdulgafar Ahmed Olwatoyin and Kute Abiola, are not available, Navy Commando Suleiman Dahun, head of the Navy’s Information and Public Relations Directorate, said. PUNCH That a funny man is in prison.

In an exclusive interview with Dahun PUNCHThe jailer said he was arrested for violating a social media policy by the Defense Forces.

“Abdul Ghafar is still alive and well. About two weeks ago, we had evidence that he was showing himself on social media, contrary to the military’s social media policy. He was on vacation and we called back to let him know why the Defense Forces were violating his social media policy. He refused to come back, which is a crime in itself.

“We can call anyone who is on vacation. We have to find out why the Defense Forces are doing the opposite of social media policy. He refused to come back. So, when he came back, we put him in jail. No one is missing.

Macaroni Cote d’Ivoire, a co-worker in the comedy industry, warned that Abiola could be lost. He reported the disappearance after reporting on Monday, November 15, 2021, at his office in Nevi Town, Lagos.

Screenshot of WhatsApp Message shared by Mr. Macaroni on Verification Twitter The page reads, “Ahmed Ghafar is popularly known as” The Cute Abiola “. A.D. On November 15, 2021, at 6:00 am, he left his office in Nevi and arrived at his office at 07:00 or later. When he arrived, he called his wife and friends who had arrived.

“After several attempts by his wife and other partners, he was unsuccessful. He said he had just arrived at his office with his wife and colleagues but had not returned to his family and no one had heard of him.

“It was later revealed that he had been detained in a Nigerian naval cell since he arrived at his office yesterday morning and had not been identified.

“It is very unfortunate that no one has said anything about the crime but he was arrested on the orders of the Nigerian Navy headquarters.

“This tragedy has affected Abiola because he has Alzheimer’s disease and has hurt and hurt his wife emotionally.

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