The Senate intervened in a diplomatic row between Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday.

The decision to resolve the dispute was reached in a series of plenary sessions by Senate Minority Leader Enyinnaya Abaribe.

In December 2020, Abaribe raised an order to commemorate the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates.


According to Abaribe, Emirates has suspended flights to and from Nigeria due to a dispute between the airline and aviation authorities over the right to import passengers for emergency COVID-19 protocols.

However, flights between the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Emirati officials continued, but the airline continued to test passengers before departing from Nigeria, the federal government said in a statement. Flight to Nigeria and from.

Hundreds of Nigerian law enforcement officials in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been accused of refusing to renew their licenses in violation of bilateral agreements, Abaribe said.

“I am concerned that the UAE officials’ refusal to renew their work permits is a deliberate attempt to force the Nigerian government to accept their terms of service for their national airline, which may have lost significant revenue,” he said. Nigerian Road.

“Also, if the Nigerian government does not immediately involve UAE officials, thousands of Nigerians will lose their jobs and livelihoods, so immediate contact is needed with UAE officials.”

In its decision, the Red Cross instructed the Senate Foreign Relations Committees, the Covenant-19 Presidential Task Force, and the National Security and Intelligence and Immigration Service, respectively, to meet with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Assembly. The Intelligence Agency is the best way to solve this crisis and report to the Senate within two weeks.


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