In Ohaji / Egbema Local Government Area of ​​Imo State, many farmers in the Omupe relative, Obosa-Asa community are saddened by the ravages and destruction of their farms by Fulani herdsmen.

According to farmers interviewed by our correspondent, the incessant raids by Fulani herdsmen in their area have destroyed their crops and other crops.

Angry farmers say all efforts by Fulani herdsmen to stop the invasion have resulted in abortions.

One of the victims, Mr. Clement Onuma, told our correspondent that there is a famine in the community due to the activities of the pastoralists.

Onuma said, “The Fulani herdsmen have made contact with us in this community. Frequent raids on our farmland are causing us much trouble. Let me tell you, there is a famine in our community because they continue to invade our farmland. All the crops we planted this season were destroyed by the herds that were left on our fields by the shepherds. ”

Umupe’s deputy chief of staff, 79-year-old Nze Ruben Kerio, has called on the Imo State government to stop Fulani herdsmen from starving in their communities.

He lamented that Fulani herdsmen continued to invade their fields on a daily basis.

Another victim, Mr. Edwin Onidikom, a retired farmer, said, “These Fulani herdsmen destroyed all my farmland. Speaking of which, I have no other choice. Our efforts to stop the invasion of our farmland by the shepherds and their livestock have failed.

Another farmer, Mr. Clifford Iluji, for his part, was frustrated by the activity of Fulani herdsmen on his farm.

“Our people are mostly farmers. We are known for their agriculture. I am a farmer and I feed my family with the things I get from farming. Unfortunately, these Fulani herdsmen continued to invade our fields with their cows and continue to destroy our crops. This is sad. So I ask the government to help us.

The state’s information and strategy commissioner, Dylan Imlumba, said he was surprised that Fulani herdsmen were fighting in any community in the state.

He said the regional government has signed a memorandum of understanding between farmers and pastoralists to end the conflict.

Emlumba, however, said the regional government would investigate the matter and ensure that it was resolved.

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