On Tuesday, more than 180 students escaped unharmed by a gas explosion at a mechanic shop behind the school at God Banner School on 16 Adeolu Street, Ladipo, Lagos State.

Our correspondent at the scene noted that while the supermarket shop was on Ojekunle Street, 35 and 37, the well-fenced school was directly supporting the blast site on Adeolu Street.

PUNCH More than 180 students, including elementary and high school students, were quickly dispersed by Tuesday’s blast.

Our reporter who visited the school noticed that it was in the desert around 1pm on Tuesday.

When the blast occurred on Tuesday morning, the administration immediately dispersed the students, the headmaster, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told our correspondent.

The official said that the explosion occurred after the students had finished their morning meeting and started living in different rooms.

“The gas explosion happened suddenly behind the school, but fortunately we did not have any injured children and all the parents took their children safely. We have about 180 students,” the official said in an interview with our correspondent at the school on Tuesday.

It was not part of the building where the gas explosion took place; The other side. It will not hurt the school. ”

The official also said that parents rushed to the school a few minutes after handing over their children.

Asked if there had been an explosion in the area before, the official said the school had been in operation for more than a decade and no such explosion had occurred.

He said the school administration will decide when to open the institute for academic work, but student safety is a priority.

“The administration has decided that the students should stay home tomorrow and stay in the area as long as it is convenient,” he added.

The bomber struck shortly after 8 p.m., killing at least five people.

Lagos State Security Commission Director General Lanre Mojola confirmed PUNCH Five people were killed in the blast.

He did not comment on the number of people injured.

The Director General of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency, Olofimi Ok-Osanento, confirmed the deaths of the five people.

He also said that the bodies of the deceased had been put in a bag and handed over to their families.

A large number of gas cylinders were evacuated, and more than 10 vehicles were destroyed in the blast.

The incident took place when a gas retailer known as Sodiq distributed gas to a customer. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a police station. It is also alleged that a fire broke out in the compound of a woman named Mama Emma.

Lagos State Police Commissioner Dr. Odumosu, who was present at the scene, said the incident could be avoided.

“It could have been completely eliminated. Someone brought this with a gas distributor and a phone call. That is the root cause of all this, ”he told reporters.

Meanwhile, the blast paralyzed commercial traffic on Ojekunle Street, with hundreds of shops closed and security forces and paramedics closing in on the area.

“If the place is safe for one person to move, the whole place will be open. I can’t say it will be in the next hour, two hours or three hours; It is up to the professionals to do this, ”Odumosu said.

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