Nigeria’s Super Eagles defeated Cape Verde Sharks 1-1 in the second round of qualifiers at the Teslim Ballogin Stadium in Lagos State.

Both teams scored in the first 10 minutes of the match.

In a tie, Super Eagles led Group C with 13 points.

Nigeria had a dream when the cross of Moses Simon came out nicely and opened Victor Osimhein with a low end.

However, Cape Verde, who wanted to win off the field, five minutes later, Ianic Dos Santos Tavares quickly equalized into the back post to meet Kenny Rocha Santos’ corner.

Alex Eobi had a chance to put Nigeria ahead, but his long-range shot was well controlled by the keeper.

Joe Ariboom was close to the Super Eagles but his low car ride with Odeon Ighalo saved him again.

Nigeria Favor Angola.

The final round of the Africa Series will be held in March 2022.

Details later…

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