Between January and June 30, 2021, at least 630 people were reported missing, according to the MisingInNG project report.

More people are reported missing in Zamfafa State on Tuesday.

Zamfara 317, Kano two, Kaduna 72, Niger 178, Bauchi 0ne, FCT one, Plateau Six, Ekiti One, Benu One, Oyo One, Osu One, Edo Three, Imo Three, Delta One, Ondo One, Lagos 23, Ogun 14 , Rivers two, aqua ibom one, cross river one.

Of the 630 people reported missing, 388 were found dead, and five died.

Missing Engineering Project Director Yemi Adamoleku said the information was collected from some media outlets and the public reported missing persons.

The report adds: “As a citizen-led organization, we understand the task ahead. We are not only immersed in good governance and the building of a true democracy, but we are also doing our part to fill the gaps created by years of good governance and self-interest.

“It is disappointing that Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country since 2006, has not had a national census!

“The number of people missing, not just kidnappings, killings, organ transplants and human trafficking and terrorism, has been rising for more than a decade. However, little has been done by various administrations to bring the missing back to life or anything else, to create a database of missing persons and to open an investigation when needed.

This edition covers some missing media reports, including those who lived or died across the country from 2019-2021.

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