There is a TLS Tunnel VPN for different countries and networks for unlimited free Internet browsing. We have updated with this new TLS tunnel configuration file. You can enjoy uncensored unlimited free Internet in your country and network without any Effective data subscription or airtime, this TLS tunnel setting has been tested in different networks and countries/regions, so please read on to find out if it works.

TLS Tunnel is another VPN application for free, unlimited and cheap Internet in different countries and networks, just like Edoztunnel VPN and Edoz V2ray VPN are also used to access fast and free Internet in different countries and networks, Tls Tunnel There are many protocols, but we focus on the DNS protocol. It is easy to use to get unlimited free Internet browsing in different networks and countries/regions. The only disadvantage of the DNS protocol is its slow speed. If your area has a good 3G or 4G LTE network.

Please note that we provide very fast, free and cheap unlimited internet settings on Edoztunnel VPN (download from here) and Edoz V2ray app (download from here), if you don’t have these apps, then you missed it because They have loaded free internet in different countries, now let us show you how this Tls Tunnel free internet browsing works

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Some features of TLS tunnel

~ Fast and stable

~Simple configuration, file import and connection

~Simple user interface and design

~Fewer ads,

~Quick connect

~HTTP, Ssl, DNS protocol VPN

Latest requirements TLS Tunnel Unlimited Free Browser Internet Settings for different countries and networks

Follow the instructions below to set up Tls Tunnel VPN on any network to get free internet, be it MTN Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Malawi, Cameroon, 9mobile, Etisalat, Airtel, GLO, Mobilink, Vodafone, Vodacom, Celcom, Cellc , Myanmar mytel, Natcom, Ufone, Zong, Econet, Grameephone Bangladesh, Orange, Telkomsel, Telenor Myanmar, Jazz Pakistan, Friendi, Netone Zimbabwe, Indosat Ooredoo, Ooredoo, Movistar, Moov Cote d’ivore, Djezzy, Algeria, Tigo, Activ Kazakhstan, Claro Ecuador, Personal Argentina, Oi Brazil, Beeline Russia, Bitel Peru, Turk Telekom, Ortel Mobile, Sun Philippines, CNT Ecuador, Altel, Dtac, MTp, Telcel, Lumitel, Unitel Angola, Entel, Activ, Tuenti, Vivo , Movitel, Zamtel Zambia, Telecom, Zain, Maroc, Turkcell, Personal, Unitel, Globe, Smart, Mobilink, TNM, Mobitel, Ufone and any other networks

~ Use 0.00kb data balance to get network sim card on your android smartphone

~ Download the latest version of Tls TunneI am here

~ Download the Tls Tunnel DNS plugin from here

tunnel set up Newest Unlimited free browsing Internet settings for different countries and networks

~ Nothing to set up simply follow the instructions below

~ Download the Tls tunnel app and tls dns app from the link above

~ Download Glo Unlimited from the link below to browse files for free

~Download the updated TLS Tunnel configuration file 1 for unlimited free browsing of the Internet 2021 from here


~Download updated Tls Tunnel configuration file 2 for Unlimited free browsing cheating 2021 from here


~ Start your TLS tunnel

~ Click on the option

~ Click Import and search for the download location where you saved the configuration file and import any of them

~Choose Canada🇨🇦, UK🇬🇧, Germany (German🇩🇪 or France🇫🇷 server)

~ Now click start and give it some time to connect

Once connected, minimize the app and enjoy

Please note that the Tls tunnel files shared here are suitable for both rooted and unrooted devices/phones, please feel free to download them

Solutions to some Android devices that cannot import Tls files

Those who use higher android versions such as android 10 and 11 may encounter some difficulties when importing the tls configuration file provided on this page, so in order to solve the error that the tls file cannot be imported or incompatible, we will provide a solution for everyone plan

Make sure you download the two files provided in this article

Then check the file you downloaded and check if it ends in .txt instead of .tls

If it ends in .txt, rename the file and delete .txt so that it ends in .tls, and then try to import again.

If this does not solve the problem, please apply the solution below.

~ You will need the help of Es File Explorer to import Tls files

First download Es File Explorer from here

~ Then open the Es file explorer, and click the download folder where you saved the downloaded Tls file for Glo Unlimited

~ Find the file and click on it, then use the Tls application to open it as shown in the screenshot below

~ The file will be automatically imported into the Tls application

~ Now you can choose any server and connect to Canada🇨🇦, UK🇬🇧, Germany (German 🇩🇪 or France🇫🇷 server) and connect

Manual setting of TLS tunnel Unlimited free browsing of Internet settings of different countries and networks

You can also manually set up the Tls tunnel using the DNS protocol, so you will know the best setting for your network and country/region

The following is how to manually set unlimited free browsing cheating on tls tunnel VPN

~ Make sure that Tls Tunnel and Tls dns applications are installed on your phone

If you have imported a file, you will restore your tls tunnel settings by clicking the restore button in the menu option on the right

~ About connection method selection Domain Name System tunnel

~ Select on the connection type UDP(53) or any other option

Click the spin arrow to automatically get your network dns ip, as shown in the screen below

~ Keep everything the same

~ You can continuously rotate DNS servers

~ Choose Canada🇨🇦, UK🇬🇧, Germany (Germany🇩🇪 or France🇫🇷 server and connect

How to use the latest TLS Tunnel Unlimited to browse the Internet for free. Settings applicable to different countries and networks On your computer

In order to be able to use this latest TLS Tunnel Unlimited to browse the Internet for free. For different countries and networks on your computer, you need to read a detailed guide on how to use it Share your mobile VPN connection with your computer This method works flawlessly, so check it out

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