GLO WTF still works well on Edoztunnel VPN. With the help of VPN and the settings on this page, you can browse the Internet at a cheaper pocket-friendly price. The Glo WTF bundle is currently the cheapest available plan with only N100 500mb, you can do more Re-subscribe again and browse almost every corner of the Internet for free

This Glo WTF free browsing cheating is supported by the GLO WTF data package, which provides users with 500MB of N100, 250MB of N50, and even 100MB of N25. This data plan is specially developed for whatsapp and Facebook, but with the help of Edoztunnel application and The settings on this page You can use this plan to provide support for all your applications and browsers, which is similar to airtel NG 500mb free browsing cheating, but this one is much better because it is not sim selective, so anyone can You can subscribe to the plan and enjoy cheap internet.

The advantage of Edoztunnel VPN is that you no longer need to update files, because this GLO WTF cheat is embedded in it, all you need to do is to download the VPN, select the GLO WTF option and connect. Edoztunnel VPN also has different fast servers for fast Internet access, other networks Unlike free internet in countries/regions, if you want to enjoy free internet, it is the best VPN.

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Some features of EdoztunnVPN

~ A good SSL/HTTP/SSH/ and TCP VPN

~Unlimited fast advanced server

~Pre-configured free internet settings for different countries and networks

~ Unlock restricted websites and services

~ Every country supports

~ User-friendly interface


~Battery friendly (does not consume battery like other VPNs)

Require Newest Glo WTF free (cheap) browsing cheating through Edoztunnel VPN

Follow the instructions below to use the latest Glo WTF for free (cheap) browsing through Edoztunnel VPN

~ Get your GLO Nigeria SIM card on your Android smartphone

~ Set your Glo APN to Glosecure instead of Gloflat

~ Recharge your GLO with at least N100, and then subscribe to the GLO WTF plan by dialing

*777# Then choose Data Package. Then Social pack Then Taekwondo Project And subscribe to any available plan

Please note that you can accumulate (subscribe) the plan as many times as possible, which means you can get 1GB of N200, 2GB of N400, etc., and the validity period is 30 days

~And your Edoztunnel VPN application

Click here to download Edoztunnel VPN or edoztunnel Pro VPN from Playstore


Click here to download from mediafire

Edz Tunnel VPN The latest Glo WTF Free(Cheap) Browsing Cheat setting Edoztunnel VPN

~ There is nothing simple to set up. It is very important to follow the instructions below

~ Download Edoztunnel VPN from the link above

~ Launch your Edoztunnel VPN application

~You will see a welcome message and click OKAY (don’t click cancel) If you do not see the welcome message, switch your data to the SIM card with active data subscription and reopen the Edoztunnel app

~ Now click on the second option and select NG GLO WTF Social 1, 2 or 3

~ Then click the first option and choose any one 🇳🇬 NG GLO WTF server

Then click the pink blinking sign or start button to connect, it will connect in a few seconds, now minimize the app and enjoy

If you are having problems connecting but not browsing, please check the options shown in the screenshot below

Glo Wtf free browsing cheats on the solution to the problem of not connecting

If Glo WTF bundled with free browsing and cheating fails to connect or suddenly stops connecting for you, either you have missed something in the above description.

So this is the solution for Glo WTF bundled with free browsing, cheating and unable to connect.

~ First go to your phone APN (Access Point Settings) and check if your Glo APN is set to Glosecure, if not, set it and save the changes, as shown in the screenshot below

~ Then return to Edoztunnel VPN and reconnect

If it still cannot connect, switch your network to 3G and reconnect immediately after connecting, switch your network back to 4G (for 4G-enabled devices)

How to use the latest Glo WTF cheap browsing cheat on Android 5.0 and 5.1

Android 5 users can still enjoy this latest GLO WTF free browsing cheat, even if it is not officially provided to them due to the remote update issue of Edoztunnel VPN on Android 5 devices, with the help of special versions of Edoztunnel VPN android 5.0 and 5.1 for Android 5 Version will be able to easily enjoy Glo WTF cheating.

Android 5 users need to follow the instructions below to use this latest GLO WTF cheat

1~first download The Edoztunnel app for Android 5 is here

2~Click the first option, select SA MTN 100MB SERVER

3~ Then select All network-Facebook Bundle on the second option

4~Then click on the flashing sign to connect, you can now minimize the application and enjoy free Internet access

How to use the latest Glo WTF on yo via Edoztunnel VPN for free (cheap) browsing cheatingyour computer

In order to be able to use this latest GlO WTF free (inexpensive) browsing cheating through Edoztunnel VPN on your PC, you need to read a detailed guide on how to do it Share your mobile VPN connection with your computer This method works flawlessly, so check it out

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