Whether you want to edit the content in Word, update it for changes to a document, or just delete it, this guide explains how it all works.

Content gives your reader a quick and easy way to navigate the document. When you create content in Microsoft Word, for example, you will see various sections listed with page numbers that you can click to go to other parts of the document.

However, after creating content in Word, you may need to make some changes. You can change the style or alignment. Or maybe you’ll find that your document is better off without it.

To help you, we will show you how to edit, update and delete content in Word.

Edit content in Word

After pasting the content you can try a different style or create your own style according to your document.

Change the table type

In Word you can switch from file automatic yes a guide content and vice versa. You can also choose from two different types of automatic tables.

To change the current type, select the table and click Contents button at the top of the table. Alternatively, you can go in Literature tab and click the drop-down arrow for Contents on the left side of the tape.

Select the type you want to use from the drop-down menu – your current table will be updated.

Select a table type

Change the table style

You can customize the table style used for your content. For example, you can select a different tab leader or remove the page number alignment.

To get started, select the current table. Go to Literature on the tab, click the drop-down arrow for Contentsand then select Custom content.

Select custom content in Word

When a window appears, confirm that Contents the tab selected at the top.

Next you will see two previews, one for print and one for the internet. The Preview this is the kind you will see on your computer. For each preview you have settings that you can customize. For example:

  • Preview: You can uncheck the boxes to show the page numbers or align the numbers on the right edge. You can also use a different tab line, such as a dotted line or an underscore.

Print preview settings

  • web browsingA: When you publish your document online, you can specify hyperlinks or page numbers by checking (or unchecking) the box.

Web browsing options

The Common The section at the bottom of the window covers print and the web, allowing you to select a different format or number of levels. You can choose a Cool or Officially format or choose one Modern or Simple.

Below you can adjust the number of levels to display in your table.

Format settings

When you have finished making changes to the customized content, click good.

You will be asked if you want to replace the current custom table. Click good to replace it or Cancel ignore changes.

Replace content in Word

Update content in Word

The above steps will help you replace the current table, but there are other changes you may want to make to your document that may also change your table. For example, you can change the headings in your document or split the document by adding more headings.

For this type of change you can update the automatic content with the click of a button. To do this, select the content and click Table update the button that appears at the top.

Update content in Word

Depending on the changes you have made to your document, you may see a pop-up message. This message asks if you want to update only the page numbers or the entire table.

Make your choice and then click good.

Update hint

Delete the content in Word

If your document turns out to be shorter than you expected and you no longer need or don’t need content, you can easily delete it.

To do this, select the table and click the button Contents button at the top. Alternatively, you can go in Literature tab and click the drop-down arrow for Contents.

Choose Delete content at the bottom of the menu. You will not be prompted to confirm the deletion.

Delete the content in Word

Edit content in Word

Making changes to the content in Word is easy enough. Automatically updating the table when you change the document is also very simple. By using these tips, you can quickly make your content more useful or engaging to the reader.

To learn more, check out how to work with other tables in Microsoft Word. You can split and merge tables in your document, add rows and columns to a table, and create a custom number table in Word.

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